Saturday, July 29, 2017

July favourites

Hi darlings, it's the end of the month & here's a new favourites post for you! This one is pretty much geared to my summer vacation, colourful, bohemian and comfy!

1. Lately I want a pink bikini! Don't know, but I like the colour. This one is from H&M and they also have it in red, which I like, too! Maybe I will pick one of them for my beach days in Greece. Or maybe both ( :

2. Another pink thing. This maxi skirt from Mango looks so nice! I can imagine wearing it on hot days combined with a simple white top. It looks flowy and airy and uncomplicated to wear.

3. I am in need of a new face wash. I discovered Pacifica, they have such cool stuff! Vegan and cruelty free. I already tried the quinoa, calendula and aloe gentle face wash and I loved it. For summer days I wanna try this sea foam face wash with coconut water & sea algae complex. Good to wash off sand, sweat and sunscreen.

4. A pair of silver earrings. I like these indian ones by A la, a shop from the Netherlands. They're small and won't disturb on a beach day.

5. Seriously? I was looking for rope sandles for like...years! Now they pop up everywhere on Instagram, so I decided to get myself a pair for my vacation. They're comfortable and best of all: Vegan! They go with every piece in my wardrobe, so I think for summer I can't make anything wrong with these fellas!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Spa Night in the bathroom

Hi wildflowers,
admittedly I am quite stressed at the moment. I cannot wait for my summer vacations to come in 2 weeks.
I guess we're all wrapped up in work, tasks and life situations that make us feel burned out and just tired. Personally when I feel like this I need to stop and give myself some etxtra care to re-center my body, mind and soul.

Here you can read about my pampering rituals when feeling kinda down and stressed-out.

Face Mask

As we all know, our skin reflects the stress that we have. So during stressful times we should give our skin a special treat with a face mask.

Clay is known for it's healing properties, it draws toxins out, makes the skin softer, clearer and fresher and reduces skin irritations.

I mix the clay together in a glass bowl with 2 TBSP of water (or here Evening Primerose oil), you can also use rose water instead, optional you can add 1-2 drops of essential oil of your choice, I used Lavender. Then gently apply on your face.

Breathe in deeply and start making a big mug of tea while your bath is running in the tube.


A big cup of tea can always help to soothe us, it's warming us from the inside and makes us feel safe.

I am using fresh, loose tea for my tea rituals, the one on the photo above is by Altar & Leaf Apotheca.
And I believe that wild picked organic tea (flowers and herbs) is better than drinking conventional, flavoured tea from the supermarket. If I have no loose tea at home, my favourite (supermarket) brands are Yogi Tea and Pukka teas. You can also get them in the organic store and these are beneficial, too!


A happy place where you feel comfortable in is very important. In a tidy and cleaned up place you will feel much better than in a messy one.

Another good thing to calm down is to burn insence, spray some natural room spray in your appartment, use aromatherapy (find out what scents do good for you!), light candles, crystal lamps...the list is long. Grab a good book, listen to music or podcasts, create or do whatever calmes your soul and mind.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer things

I can't believe that summer's on it's zenith now, time flew by so quickly. I still can remember the beginning of the year where I was longing for warmer days to come. Now that they are here, I feel like I can't savour them that much. There's always something to do, I really should dive into these beautiful days more...
  I took some trips to the city, and here are some things I recently bought:
 There's this new books (which I already finished) "the journey of the elelphant god", I really enjoyed it. As the cover maybe reveals, it's about India. Better said about a woman who is searching her indian roots and meets her family. I found it really emotional and took me right into the colourful brimming streets of India.

Other things that I've found are a rose spray perfume from paris, a little ganesha figure from a street stand in Paris, Patchouli incense, a wooden OM sign and some dried eucalyptus to burn. Only little things but all are treasures in their own special way.

Monday, July 24, 2017

In nature

 Hello lovely people ♥

It's finally july, soon my vacation will start. Bizarrely I am already thinking about autumn...

This summer is strange I find, one day it's super hot and it feels like real summer, the other week is rainy and cold. For me there's no real summer feeling here yet.

Here are some photos from this early summer, when the fields were full of chamomile and margarites.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Favourites

Peace lovely souls,
here's a brand new post about my favorite things/things that are on my wishlist this month. Summer has officially started, so here are some items that are perfect for this season!

1. I am in love with Hmong bags. This one I found randomly in the internet. The bags are inspired or made by Hmong people, who are an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. I like the pretty colors of these bags, the flowery details and the bohemian attitude. Just check Easy or other pages to find these pretty bags.

2. A book. This one is "Invincible living" by Guru Jagat. It's about applying the simple and effective technology  of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to everyday life. Best: Kundalini techniques can be done anywhere, you don't even need a mat! This sounds really interesting to me.

3. A beautiful gown by Zara.  Look at all the embroidered flowers! Makes a super pretty summer item.

4. What's super important in summer? Right, drinking a LOT! I really have to force myself to do that, maybe this will help: A bottle to carry around in your bag, filled with infused water, cold tea or anything you'd like. This one is by Soulbottles. I think this one is really pretty, it has the lotus flower on it, which stands for spirituality and epiphany.

5. INIKA Certified Organic Light Reflect Cream is all natural, vegan and cruelty free. It can reused to highlight the cheek, the eyelid area and on the bow of the lips. Will look good on sun kissed skin.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jardin des serres d'Auteuil

 Hello dear readers, here are some shots I took at the Jardin des serres d'auteuil in may. It's the botanical garden in Paris, which was found in 1898. It's a real green oasis in the buzzing city, it's just so calming to sit on one of the benches outside and read a good book. You're probably forgetting that you're in a capital city.

The garden has beautiful old glasshouses, one with cacti, one with orchids, one with succulents. The big glasshouse is like a tropical greenhouse with banana plants and tropical flowers.
A perfect little hide-out from stressful urban days.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Travel Diary: Paris

Hey lovely people, this week I went to Paris, for 4 days to be exactly. It was such a great experience to visit the city in may, everything was bright and blooming.

Our hotel was located in the Montmartre area, so the basilica of Sacre Coeur was not far away. We bought a ticket to climb the 300 somewhat stairs, walked around inside the dome and had a great view over the city. The Montmartre is my favourite area in Paris, also because of all the cute art stalls and all the copies of famous artworks you can get there.

In our neighborhood we had a little bio foodshop, which I discovered already the first day and of course bought some little things there: Some snacks for on the go and a shampoo. Also the offered chilled coconut juice was very welcome for me, b.c. the weather was soo freakin' hot! 

Day 2 we climbed the Eiffel Tower, saw Notre Dame [I strolled around at the art stalls and bought some beautiful little posters]...I also bumped into Shakespeare and Company again and looked at all the books, but didn't buy anything there. I still have so many books that are waiting to be read...but this time I saw the cat who lives in the shop!
Honestly, I am not a big fan of sight seeing [And much less because I already saw every monument 2 times before]...So I went a little bit vintage shopping in The Marais and visited my favourite food place in all Paris: Wild and The Moon. I enjoyed a super duper yummy Acai bowl topped with coconut flakes, banana & their homemade granola (it was heaven!) and a blueberry-lavender-latte with almond milk. This place is wonderful, everythings organic and plant based, high recommendation!!!

Since I am a big fan of Jim Morrison I really wanted to see the house where he once lived, so I went to a pilgrimage to rue beautreillis 17 and stood there, in front of the house where he lived. Some kinda strange when I think about it.

The prettiest parc I visited was the Anne Frank parc. It lies between houses in the sun, and many many roses are growing there. While we were sitting on our bench, we watched a painting course who used the parc as a scenery to paint. I

In the evenings we bought a bottle of rosé wine, some chips and searched ourselves a pretty place at the riverside of la Seine to watch the sunset between the old parisian houses and have some talks. It's quite cool sitting there, it's a meeting point for many many people, who are sitting on blankets, enjoying wine, baguette, cheese, tomatos and other yummy things.

Paris is a wonderful, charming city, full to the brim with art and pretty things. If you haven't visited yet, do! You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

In a hippies travel bag

Hey lovely people, today is a wonderful day, the sun is shining, it's saturday, my day started with vegan pancakes...and soon I'll be off to one of my favourite european cities: Paris! I've already been there this january, but since it's not that expensive from here to get there, we thought, why not travellin' there again in may?

So, while I am packing for our trip, I thought it would be fun to do a little post about what's in my travel bag. I personally love it, when I see posts like this on other blogs, for me it's so interesting to see what other people carry around in their bags. I always get a slight glimpse of their personalities then. So yea, let's get it started ☻

So, let's start with the things that I carry around with me every day [left to right] and are also not missing in my travel bag.

1. A good book. This time I chose "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. So so inspiring!

2. An organic fruit and nut bite by Raw Bite for the drive.

3. A hygenic spray. I don't like when I canot wash my hands during a journey. So I always carry around a hygenic spray with me. My favourite is Dr. Bronner's fair trade bio lavender hand-hygenic-spray. It is antibacterial and leaves a lovely fresh scent on the hands.

4. I am a fool for natural scents, this roll on BLOM by the swedish brand "Vilda Växter" leaves the most beautifully natural scent on the wrists, the temples or the neck or simply wherever it's wanted. Smells like a flower meadow in summer. I always use it to get some refreshment.

5. A light perfume, I love this one by 4711 with white peach and coriander. Since I love everthing peach scented, this one is my favourite to go! Not a heavy scent, very light and flowy. Perfect for spring and summer.

6. A little indian coin purse that I once bought in Ibiza, it keeps my little Malachite stone, the guardian stone for travelers.

7. Some tea. I always keep some tea sachets in my bag, in case there's a water boiler in the hotel room. I don't like the conventional tea you mostly get there, I don't like flavoured tea, so I always bring my own.

8. A lip balm, I love Rose Lollipop from Lush. It smells heavenly of roses and citrus fruits. Cares for my lips during a hectic day at work and so while traveling.

7. An essential: Hand cream. I always have one in my bag. My hands dry out very quickly, this vegan natural hand cream is by Dr. Scheller and is made of almonds and calendula.

And here's a sneak peak into my beauty/care/bath bag. Before I'm going on a journey, I always figure out what I'll need and what can stay at home. I don't want to carry some extra weight with me. Just the essentials. Sometimes I buy shampoo and showering gel at my destination, so I don't have the weight of heavy bottles in my bag/luggage.

1. Talc deo from Italy in a pretty nostalcig blue bottle.

2. Moisturiser with rose, lime & cucumber from Neil's Yard  Remedies in collaboraion with Delciously Ella (I also love the cook books). The texture of this is really smooth and creamy.

3. Lulu Organics Hair Powder lavender and clary-sage. Already wrote about this in my last post.

4. Some cotton pads for cleaning the face.

5. Rose hydrosol spray by Mullein & Sparrow. I use this as a facial water and to just spray on the hair, the face for some extra refreshment.

6. Coco Gloss from Lovely Day Botanicals. I apply this in the wet hair after showering, makes the combing much more easy.

7. A bamboo toothbrush my friend Friederike gave me. It's vegan, water-neutral and fairly produced.

8. Vegan tooth paste made of coconut oil, cinnamon & sweet orange by Nurturing Soul.

9. A wooden brush.