Wednesday, November 01, 2017

November time

Mumins by Tove Jansson, found on Pinterest

Happy 1st of november, everyone! I think it's a little bit crazy that it is already november now. Time flew by so quickly. Yesterday was Samhain/Halloween, we moved the clocks backward a few days ago, the dark time begins now. Somehow I am happy about the dark time of the year, I enjoy to get cozy and spending the evenings with candles, books, tea and good music. It's important to take good care of the self in these darker days, sometimes the dark can make you feel sad.  

I still can rembember summer so vividly, our vacation on Crete, the sun, the summer breezes and soon it'll be Christmas. I already bought some christmas books for the winter vacation time and today I enjoyed the first star-shaped cinnamon cookies, yum! 

My thoughts are still placed in my little Finland vacation in October (travel diary post is coming soon). Very good memories were made there!
❥ ❥

I hope you're all having a good autumn time!

Friday, October 27, 2017

October Favourites

Hey folks, here is my top 5 wish-list for this month. Many things to indulge the soul in this grey month. 

1. The days are getting colder, so it's time to spend some evenings in the bathtube. LUSH has some amazingly new Halloween products that I wanna try out, above all this Pumpkin bath bomb. It has the scent of vanilla, spicy cinnamon and biscuity home-baked desserts.

2. I have always been a fan of vinyl, but since I went to Finland and saw Roosas and Tonis vinyl collection I wanna get more myself. I wanna treat myself with the new Solstafir album Berdreyminn and when I saw that it's also sold as a vinyl, I went like "ohh I preferably wanna have this as a vinyl..."

3. This coat is such a pretty casual piece to wear. Suits to everything and is absolutely chic and a total autumn piece!

4. Autumn time is candle time, right? When I buy candles, I mostly buy them from this brand JOIK. They are soy wax candles and every candle I had from this brand smelled AMAZING! The one shown in the picture is "Cinnamon coffee", but it was sold out. I got "Cinnamon bun" instead and that one is wonderful, too!

5. Since I gave away many old bowls I am looking for new ones. This one by TineKHome is really pretty and timeless I find.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Finally it's autumn!

Hello and happy autumn!
Finally it's my personal favourite season of the year! The days are getting shorter and it's time to get cozy at home! My living room table is full of candles, scented ones, normal ones, beeswax candles. I collected some chestnuts, pretty coloured leaves and some apples to decorate my apartment.

When I've got some free time (what is really rare in the past time) I go to the beautiful forest nearby or for a walk in the botanical garden with friends.
I stocked up on many books, mostly crime stories placed in England, bought some spicy christmassy tea and a new candle with "cinnamon bun" scent. Hello cozy time!
Finally I got myself a pair of Doc Martens! My new companion through the colder days.
One from early autumn: Swan family in the forest lake.
Some autumn musings: A new vintage bag, notebooks, postcards and autumn leaves.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Indian Summer - a throwback

Hi lovely people, 
it has been so quiet here for such a long time ) : Summer passed by so quickly, time ran, 2 journeys in between and now it's officially autumn. 

Summer here was well spent, most of my time (apart from working) I spent in cafés, bookshops and the botanical garden. I've read a lot and bought new books. I spent quality time in my grandparents garden and in the forest. I went to cute cities and bought new notebooks and art postcards. I went to Crete in august. I cared for my plant family. 

Summer was good. ♥

Enjoyed tea, a new book and a letter in my grandparents garden.

Found the prettiest illustration book by Maria Sibylla Merian
Best place to read and sip on a cup of coffee with almond milk.
Forest adventures and stuff I bought in august.
Pretty flowers in the botanical garden.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July favourites

Hi darlings, it's the end of the month & here's a new favourites post for you! This one is pretty much geared to my summer vacation, colourful, bohemian and comfy!

1. Lately I want a pink bikini! Don't know, but I like the colour. This one is from H&M and they also have it in red, which I like, too! Maybe I will pick one of them for my beach days in Greece. Or maybe both ( :

2. Another pink thing. This maxi skirt from Mango looks so nice! I can imagine wearing it on hot days combined with a simple white top. It looks flowy and airy and uncomplicated to wear.

3. I am in need of a new face wash. I discovered Pacifica, they have such cool stuff! Vegan and cruelty free. I already tried the quinoa, calendula and aloe gentle face wash and I loved it. For summer days I wanna try this sea foam face wash with coconut water & sea algae complex. Good to wash off sand, sweat and sunscreen.

4. A pair of silver earrings. I like these indian ones by A la, a shop from the Netherlands. They're small and won't disturb on a beach day.

5. Seriously? I was looking for rope sandles for like...years! Now they pop up everywhere on Instagram, so I decided to get myself a pair for my vacation. They're comfortable and best of all: Vegan! They go with every piece in my wardrobe, so I think for summer I can't make anything wrong with these fellas!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Spa Night in the bathroom

Hi wildflowers,
admittedly I am quite stressed at the moment. I cannot wait for my summer vacations to come in 2 weeks.
I guess we're all wrapped up in work, tasks and life situations that make us feel burned out and just tired. Personally when I feel like this I need to stop and give myself some etxtra care to re-center my body, mind and soul.

Here you can read about my pampering rituals when feeling kinda down and stressed-out.

Face Mask

As we all know, our skin reflects the stress that we have. So during stressful times we should give our skin a special treat with a face mask.

Clay is known for it's healing properties, it draws toxins out, makes the skin softer, clearer and fresher and reduces skin irritations.

I mix the clay together in a glass bowl with 2 TBSP of water (or here Evening Primerose oil), you can also use rose water instead, optional you can add 1-2 drops of essential oil of your choice, I used Lavender. Then gently apply on your face.

Breathe in deeply and start making a big mug of tea while your bath is running in the tube.


A big cup of tea can always help to soothe us, it's warming us from the inside and makes us feel safe.

I am using fresh, loose tea for my tea rituals, the one on the photo above is by Altar & Leaf Apotheca.
And I believe that wild picked organic tea (flowers and herbs) is better than drinking conventional, flavoured tea from the supermarket. If I have no loose tea at home, my favourite (supermarket) brands are Yogi Tea and Pukka teas. You can also get them in the organic store and these are beneficial, too!


A happy place where you feel comfortable in is very important. In a tidy and cleaned up place you will feel much better than in a messy one.

Another good thing to calm down is to burn insence, spray some natural room spray in your appartment, use aromatherapy (find out what scents do good for you!), light candles, crystal lamps...the list is long. Grab a good book, listen to music or podcasts, create or do whatever calmes your soul and mind.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer things

I can't believe that summer's on it's zenith now, time flew by so quickly. I still can remember the beginning of the year where I was longing for warmer days to come. Now that they are here, I feel like I can't savour them that much. There's always something to do, I really should dive into these beautiful days more...
  I took some trips to the city, and here are some things I recently bought:
 There's this new books (which I already finished) "the journey of the elelphant god", I really enjoyed it. As the cover maybe reveals, it's about India. Better said about a woman who is searching her indian roots and meets her family. I found it really emotional and took me right into the colourful brimming streets of India.

Other things that I've found are a rose spray perfume from paris, a little ganesha figure from a street stand in Paris, Patchouli incense, a wooden OM sign and some dried eucalyptus to burn. Only little things but all are treasures in their own special way.

Monday, July 24, 2017

In nature

 Hello lovely people ♥

It's finally july, soon my vacation will start. Bizarrely I am already thinking about autumn...

This summer is strange I find, one day it's super hot and it feels like real summer, the other week is rainy and cold. For me there's no real summer feeling here yet.

Here are some photos from this early summer, when the fields were full of chamomile and margarites.